“Epiphany” was originally conceived in 2013 by Jeremy Hook (Guitar), serving as a project title for a future musical endeavor. The goal was to create meaningful music and share it with the world. The initial iterations of the songs that would become the first release began shortly after, and have since been tweaked and perfected. Epiphany has now matured from a small project, to a full band with added members Seamus McDaniel (Guitar), Chris Abinette (Bass), and Ryan Johnson (Drums). With a first release scheduled for July 2018, Epiphany aims to impact others with emotional song writing, and unique musical ideas. Through calculated compositions, Epiphany aspires to write meaningful songs with a deep emphasis on soaring melodies and firm rhythms.

Ryan Johnson - Drums

Chris Abinette - Bass

Seamus McDaniel - Guitar

Jeremy Hook - Guitar


Production by Jeremy Hook and Seamus McDaniel

Management by Jeremy Hook

Graphic Design by Seamus McDaniel